New York Electronic Art Festival

Jun 23 & 30 7:30pm

Michael Schimmel Center for the Arts, 3 Spruce Street
Shared evenings co-presented with Pace University and Harvestworks

In these two evenings of concerts and performances, The New York Electronic Art Festival provides audiences with an opportunity to experience cutting-edge electronic artwork from artists working across the arts and technology spectrum. This Festival within a Festival brings talent into Lower Manhattan from around the globe to showcase new technologies and new artistic practices, and celebrates the transformational intersection of the two.

Jun 23: Triple bill: JG Thirlwell and the Manorexia Ensemble, Pauline Oliveros, and Susie Ibarra and Roberto Rodriguez.

Jun 30: Triple bill: Marco Donnarumma, Juraj Kojs and Carlota Pradera, and Mari Kimura with Tomoyuki Kato, Kyoko Kitamura, and the Cassatt String Quartet.

Jun 15 – Jul 14: Suzanne Thorpe.


The New York Electronic Art Festival (NYEAF) was created to provide a responsive public context for the appreciation of cutting-edge electronic artwork through concerts, panels, workshops, and exhibitions of the highest quality across the arts and technology spectrum. Attendees get an overview of how technology is being used in various artistic disciplines, and have the opportunity to take part in a discussion about how these technologies will continue to shape contemporary art practice.

NYEAF is produced by Harvestworks, an international digital media arts center with over 30 years of experience helping artists to get “inside the electronics” and to develop a hands-on, experimental and explorative approach to making art with technology.


Founded in 1977, Harvestworks offers an environment where artists can make work inspired and achieved by electronic media. Harvestworks helps the community at large to understand, assimilate, and make creative use of new and evolving technologies. Harvestworks creates a context for the appreciation of new work, advances both the art community and the public’s agenda for the use of technology in art, and brings together innovative practitioners from all branches of the arts by fostering collaborations across electronic media.

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