ComeOut & Play Field Day & Family DayJul 13 11am-5pm
Field Day: 11am-5pm
Family Day: 11am-4pm

Governors Island, Parade Ground
Interactive, Family-Friendly
Made for families
Co-presented with Come Out & Play

City-sized fun for kids and adults, Field Day and Family Day events turn Governors Island into a giant play ground for all. New games, new experiences, and new takes on old favorites, Field Day and Family Day give participants the opportunity to rediscover each other and the city they call home through joyful interactive play.

Field Day Co-organizers: Greg Trefry & Nick Fortugno

Family Day Organizers: ESI Design


Since 2006, the Come Out & Play Festival has been turning cities into giant playgrounds for adults and kids. Over the years, thousands of players have gathered to play dozens of city-wide games. Players raced through the night in a city-wide player hunts; papier-mâché pigeons were pummeled with whiffle ball bats; and strangers worked together to build and blindly navigate labyrinths. Come Out & Play offers a forum for new types of public games and play by bringing together players eager to interact with the world around them and designers producing innovative new games and experiences.

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