ComeOut & Play After Dark
Jul 12 7pm-12am

South Street Seaport, Cannon’s Walk
Co-presented with Come Out & Play

Join in the fun with After Dark, an annual evening of street games that turn one of New York City’s historic landmark neighborhoods, South Street Seaport, into a giant playground for adults. From real-world versions of classic video games to new massively multiplayer innovations, there’s enough to keep you and your friends playing through the night.

Have a creative game idea? Come Out & Play is accepting game submissions from now until May 1. Submit your new game idea here: and help turn New York City into a giant playground.

The full roster of games will be announced in June. Stay tuned!


Since 2006, the Come Out & Play Festival has been turning cities into giant playgrounds for adults and kids. Over the years, thousands of players have gathered to play dozens of city-wide games. Players raced through the night in a city-wide player hunts; papier-mâché pigeons were pummeled with whiffle ball bats; and strangers worked together to build and blindly navigate labyrinths. Come Out & Play offers a forum for new types of public games and play by bringing together players eager to interact with the world around them and designers producing innovative new games and experiences.

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